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Please provide us with the following details:


For car rental, please answer questions 1 to 6

1.  Self Drive or chauffeured?

2.  Dates and timing required?

3.  Purpose of rental - (Wedding / Others: elaborate)

4. Driver's age and date of passing driver's license

5.  Any insurance claims in the past 1 year?

6.  Any traffic offence & demerit points?


For Bridal floral decorations  please answer questions 7 to  9

7.  Which date do you require the decorations to be set up?

8.  Are there any special requests?

9. For car decorations, please indicate car model and color.


To  join our Wedding Car Angels Fleet, please answer questions 10 to  11

10.  Your car make, model, year of registration and colour.

11.  Whatsapp us @ 8860 2398   recently taken photos of your vehicle  (Within 1 week).


Drop us a whatsapp at +65 8860 2398 to check available dates or for more details.


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