Add on Bridesmaid wrist corsage


Need  to rent more wrist corsages for your bridesmaids?

Booking steps:

  1.   Whatsapp us at 8860 2398 to check date availability first before booking online.
  2.   Once your date availability is confirmed, add the required items into your shopping cart and check out.
  3.   You will then receive an email requesting for payment once your booking is processed.
  4.   A confirmation email with the date, timing, package details will be emailed to you once payment is confirmed.


  1. This listing is for the 3 days rental of our bridal decoration.  Day 1 – decoration day, Day 2 – actual wedding day, Day 3 – post wedding day)
  2. It is advisable to collect the decoration props at least 1 day before the actual wedding day.
  3. The security deposit will be returned within 3 working days from return of items in original condition.




Need  to rent more wrist corsages for your bridesmaids?      


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