Additional side door bouquet (assorted)


Entourage “brother” vehicles need not be present during the decoration of the main wedding vehicle.

Our side door bouquets are crafted in a manner that it is easy to secure onto most handles with our DIY instructions.

Typically morning entourage would meet up with groom for their morning breakfast, it is during this period the groom would hand out the side door bouquets to the groomsmen for DIY installation.

The groom would usually collect back the side door bouquets either after the morning ceremony or at the hotel (during rest for lunch/night banquet)

Price is for 1 door bouquet rental.


Do you need more side door bouquets for your entourage cars or add on for your 4 doors bridal car? No worries, just  rent them here! Price is for 1 door bouquet rental.


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