Bentley Continental Flying Spur

It’s a deeply clever car this, bridging the gap between the driver and the driven more comprehensively than any other luxury saloon. The German brands may be more affordable, but they’re also more generic, hard to distinguish from each other, shorn of presence. Cars for the destination, not the journey.

Enjoy driving? This is perhaps the most compelling four-door saloon Bentley’s built since the anachronistic Arnage. It uses technology very effectively but doesn’t allow it to dominate. There are a couple of small improvements that ought to be made (throttle response and gearbox algorithms), but otherwise this is a swift, sure-footed and genuinely enjoyable luxury saloon, faster than anything this side of a Panamera Turbo S and way more cossetting. And for the driven, the spaciousness, design and tactility of the cabin lifts it well clear of anything a mass-market brand has to offer.

The Flying Spur is a very, very convincing car, handsome and stately enough to usurp the Mulsanne, more bespoke and special than a Bentayga, arguably an even bigger step forward than the Continental GT. The best advert for the return of the four-door saloon we’ve driven in years.



Perhaps the most compelling four-door limo Bentley’s built since the Arnage


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