Maserati Grand Cabrio

it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t designed to be a convertible at the concept stage, so clean and elegant are its lines. But it wasn’t, and beneath the skin there’s extensive strengthening of the sills, the screen surround, what remains of the other pillars, and the cross beams, plus additional diagonal bracing to ensure the robustness and stability of the suspension pick-up points.

Surprisingly, the weight penalty exacted for all this strengthening, plus the electrically powered triple-layer fabric roof and pop-up roll-over protection behind the rear headrests is just 100kg. And yet, say Maserati’s engineers, the GranCabrio is very nearly as torsionally stiff as the coupe and so drives pretty much the same too; with the roof up, you could think you were in the hard top, they say. Perhaps the choice of Rome as the launch venue wasn’t an act of bravery on Maserati’s part, more a reflection of its confidence.


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Meet the Maserati GranCabrio, the four-seat, open-top version of the long-wheelbase GranTurismo. It looks fabulous, at least as good as the hard-top – with the roof down you can see all four headrests and better understand why its wheelbase is so long.


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