Wedding Car Angels

Its the biggest day for our wedding couples and they are looking for  that elegant wedding car to complete their holy matrimony.

Here is where you and your beautiful car come to save the day!

Come join us as a Wedding Car Angel (WCA) and complete their beautiful once in a life time fairy tale.


1. How much do Wedding Car Angels (WCAs) earn?

Ans:  Depending on car models, WCAs can earn $100 - $600 per hour.

Kindly send us your car model, year of registration and a recently taken picture (1 week) of your vehicle  so we can inform the rates.

Selected WCAs must also provide a valid certificate of insurance.   Whatsapp us @ 8860 2398 today!


2. What do Wedding Car Angels (WCAs) do? 

Ans:  There are 2 simple tasks for WCAs.

a.    Provide their vehicle for wedding floral decorations usually on the eve of the actual wedding day.  Decorations would usually take 15 - 30 mins depending on car models.

b.   Ferry our wedding couples from their pickup point to destination point safely using their own luxury vehicles.   This would typically be in the morning, It's that simple!

3.  Can't the wedding couples drive themselves?

Ans:  Sadly, not every one would have the fortune to own a luxury car like our Wedding Car Angels, but they should not be denied the opportunity of riding in one on their wedding day.

Self drive car rentals may be out of budget for our wedding couples , some may not have the driving license or experience of handling  them, therefore what better way to keep our wedding couples and our WCA's cars safe to have the WCAs ferry  them for a win - win situation.

4.  How long does it take to ferry the wedding couple?

Ans:  For a typical wedding arrangement, the wedding car is only needed for the fetching of bride activity (1 hour).  However, wedding couples are offered 2 options ( 1 hour / 3 hours) depending on their needs.


5.  How does this WCA arrangement work?


a.  Our wedding couples will provide us with a booking request for a specific car model, date and time.

b.  We would match the wedding couples with our WCA list and link both parties up.

c.  Payment would be made to the WCAs by the wedding couple directly.

d.  SG Bridal Cars would collect an admin fee of $28 for each successful link up from our WCAs.